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  Got A Question?

   Q: How do i order my cards?

   A: Ordering a custom card is as easy as

    Step 1:  Select a name...

    Step2:  Write something...

    Step3:  And check out...
     We accept all major credit cards, Master Card,
American  Express, Discover etc.


Q: Are these E-cards?

 A: No. Every card we make is designed with 100% cotton fabrics both inside and out.

How much are they?

A: Suggested retail is from $9.99 and up depending on the type of fabric you select.

Q:Do you offer wholesale for retailers?

A: Yes. For retailers there is a 100 unit minimum. However, we encourage retailers  

      not to limit there full potential with small orders. We can design a unique in-store

     studio layout that will create a new energy of card sales like no other.

    For more information contact us today.

Can you ship overseas?

A: Yes. We ship international via UPS, FED Express and Priority Mail.
      Shipping will incur an
additional fee.

How long will it take to get my card in the mail?
Domestic (within the U.S. 5-7 business days), International (7-10 days).

Where are you located?
 Alanta, Georgia. Shopping mall locations are scheduled to open starting 2013.

Q: Do you make other cards besides birthday?
A: Yes: We love to make Birthday Cards...and all other cards too!
     but Birthdays is

Where do you get your beautiful fabrics from?
A: We have suppliers from all over the world. All fabrics are imported
      and sent to us directly to ensure we provide you with the world's
      most beautiful  fabric greeting cards everyday!