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 We Love our "Clients". Since 1998, we have served clients from family,     friends, neighbors, community leaders, national celebrities, pastors,          politicians and just about anyone looking to make the most beautiful
 Birthday Cards On The PLANET! Here's just a few of our past clients...  

Mr. Geoffrey Canada

                                In his 20-plus years with Harlem Children's Zone, Inc., Geoffrey Canada has become
                                nationally recognized for his pioneering work helping children and families in Harlem
                                and as a passionate advocate for education reform.

In June 2008, Birthday Card Studios was contracted from The Harlem Children's Zone to
                                make custom fabric graduation cards for 500 of their graduating students. Even though we
                                had to stop daily production to meet the Harlem Children's Zone deadline, we are proud to
                                know we served a wonderful school program lead by Mr Geoffrey Canada. Immediately
                                after the graduation my staff had more orders than we could handle at the time.
                                We are honored to
have served The Harlem Children's Zone! "We made their cards with
                                The Nelson Mandela
 fabric...and customized each graduate's name...They were so beautiful".

                                ...More of our wonderful Clients...


Rev, Dr Floyd Flake 
Greater Allen Cathedral, NY                

" You made this card Brother George? You truly have a God gifted talent"                           Queens, NY 2004


Evelyn "Champagne" King
Singer & Entertainer
                                       New York, NY 2008

" These cards are beautiful"...I have so many people to give them too"


Paul Mooney
Godfather of Comedy
                                       New York, NY 2008

"You gonna ruin my foul mouth reputation"...Give me 6 and send them to california right away"


Marc Parham
Atlanta Urban League (TEC)
              Atlanta, Georgia 2010

"My Sisters and Mom loved their cards". They asked me who made them, i said that's 
my secret". Hey i need more cards...


Terry Sullivan 
Atlanta Urban League (TEC)
             Atlanta, Georgia 2010

"George your cards are really special...we have to let the world know what you have"

Fred Berry
Professional Actor
ABC television series
"What's Happening"                                 New York, NY 1998
"Thank you so much...i love your cards Man... My family will love them"

Mother Love

ABC Television Day Show,
LA Radio Talk Personality                       New York, NY 1998

"I have to get you on my show...You put so much love into your cards" 
  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart...