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At Birthday Card Studios we understand the
importance of "GIVING BACK" to support our children! Therefore we are taking on the fight against hunger in our KIDS in America! 

Every night in our very own backyards, neighborhoods and communities across the nation 34,000 children are going to bed hungry, are fighting malnutrition or have died of hunger! So don't you think it's time for us to 
Take A Stand for Our KIDS?

Welcome to The Cards Luv Kids Ministry! The Cards Luv Kids Ministry is developed to help fight against hunger in our children by sponsoring Feed The Children Food trucks (from the feed the children organization as beneficiary) to be sent out to children shelters across America throughout the year. For every card purchased $1.00 is donated to The Cards Luv Kids Ministry from every order until the cost of $8,500.00 is raised to sponsor an FTC truck per month.

Each truck has 400 palettes of food, that can last a small family 30 days, we need 20 volunteers   per truck to distribute the food and perishable items once delivered to the destination.

To become part of this new American Ministry we highly encourage you to order more cards   with us everyday to help us WIN! the "Fight" against our hungry children in America.

We Personally Guarantee You Will Be Blessed For It!

 Birthday Card Studios
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Cards Luv Kids Ministry
Specal project motivation code #:7SEK00020 
FTC account #27822429.